Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a campaign?

A campaign is a keyword, phrase, or tag used to reach your target audience on social media. Let's say you created a campaign with "lean startup". Our system will detect when "lean startup" type conversations are going on in real-time.

We have some fancy algorithms that do some intelligent processing; like sentiment analysis and part-of-speech tagging. The power is that this becomes a highly targeted opportunity for you to begin engaging with that user.

How do you begin an engagement?

The "social etiquette" to engage with people is different on each social media channel. The goal is to strive for the long term audience building approach and never solicit a direct sale in those conversations. In turn, this helps build high quality human-to-human relationships.

On Twitter it's as simple as a "favorite." Users will start engaging back with you in the form of "follows", "retweets", "@mentions" or "favorites". They will check out your profile, read your tweets, look at your product, etc. Then it's up to you on how you want to put them into your sales funnel.

On Tumblr, engagements are started with a "like" or a "follow."

For Instagram, engagements are started with a "like."

For SoundCloud, engagements are started with a "like."

Is this spam? How do I know my account won't get suspended?

Good Audience does not do any mass following, favoriting or liking. We only execute highly targeted engagements at opportune times. The receiving user views this as a natural human interaction. We fully respect all spam policies and terms of services on all social media channels.